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YouTube videos

I've been watching few YouTube videos while planning my own project. On some occasions, I was literally "hypnotized" by some scenes where I could see myself flying one of those marvelous machines.

If you've got a good sound system on your computer, crank the volume up and enjoy. It really worth it
T-51 videos

The T-51 is a fairly new commer in the amateur build community. There isn't much you can find on the WEB due to it's young track record. However, few builders took the time to publish their own personnal videos for the benifit of others. Thanks to those guys. As for me, I really look forward to post a video sometime in the future.
The Story Of The P-51 Mustang

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Part 4Part 5Part 6
My favorite...

Sketches of Freedom
The Legacy Of The P-51 Mustang

Part 1Part 2Part 3
Dogfight:The P-51 Mustang

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Part 4Part 5
The Luftwaffe fighters story

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Part 4Part 5
Mini Series
Titan T-51 Mustang

Titan T-51 Mustang w/ Rotax 914 Turbocharged

Titan T-51 Mustang (Kiwi Mustang) up close
P-51 on Airshow Oppenheim

P-51 Low Pass

Thunder Mustang (V12 Falconeer)

S-51 Mustang

Other good ones
The T-51 maybe a scaled down (3/4 scale) P-51 but doesn't necessarely means that everything has been scaled proportionally. There are several engine available to choose from when ordering your kit but they are all far from a 3/4 scaled P-51 Merlin engine. The most powerful engine you can fit there is a 244hp, 3.5L V6 V-Tech Honda engine. Just short of 1,400 hp or so over the original Merlin...

Nevertheless, any aviation enthousiast will certainly appreciate the modest but honest brute power of the aircraft itself since it weights less than 6 times (tips the scale at around 1,100lbs empty) the weight of the P-51 (which tips the scale at close to 8,000lbs). Ok, let's do some math here. 7 times less power and 7 times less weight. My guess is the T-51 has a better Weight-to-HP ratio (or at least equivalent) compared to the original. Not that bad after all...