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About this WEB site

This website is my own creation and is meant to provide information for those who like me wishes to share their experience in building a kit aircraft. I'm insisting on the word Aircraft as opposed to Airplane because here and there, I'm showing techniques, tips and suppliers name that I've collected from the helicopter, LSA and glider communities that could be applicable to ones specific project. Ones must admit that we are all part of that same "homebuilding" family and this is what makes your dream project become a reality.

To those who has provided me with such priceless information by publishing their experience, technical papers, reports, photos, etc. on the WEB, I'd like to thank you all. For this, I feel it is just fair that I do the same by sharing my own experience. I'm sure that one day, someone will "stumble" on my pages and if the information he or she finds there is useful to him/herself well, I'm happy to provide. I'm doing this knowing the risks of being "hacked" by some devious mind who prefer to use his/her talents to "destroy" instead of "building" something but what can I do? Regular backups are the first solution I guess.

The visitors of my website will probably notice that "English" is not my mother language. I'm French speaking in origin (from Quebec province, Canada). I've learned English many years ago but still try to brush up and improve my skills as I go. As a matter of fact, I'm still struggling with French for the past 40 years now so I dropped the illusion of perfecting my English by writing my notes or articles as if they are written by a Master of Literature. Anyway, who can pretend to master his own language skills? Not that many.

Please be aware that I'm no expert in aviation whatsoever. I don't even have my PPL (Private Pilot Licence) yet. Should happen in the coming months however... I'm a self-learner who's living on a constant learning curve. That's what my life is all about; learning something EVERYDAY. The day that I'll stop learning, that will be the end of the story. Until then, you can bet that I'll keep moving and exploring every opportunity that our short life span can provide us with. So beware that whatever information you collect and retain for your own benefit, you're doing so at your own risk. Don't ever come back to me complaining about any mistakes or mishaps that may happen to you by following any idea, tips or whatever found of my webpage; it will be your own doing.

However, I'm an open minded guy. I would appreciate ANY constructive suggestions or comments. Anyone who'd like to have additional information, pictures, files, or whatever data I may have, I'm ready to share.  Simply drop me an email. I'm not asking anything in return except perhaps some gratitude for what I would hand over.

Please note that I'm fully aware that I'm using some pictures having copy rights but I'm using them only to add some colors to my pages. Nowhere in this page you will see that I'm claiming credit for such pictures and if required, I'll remove them if you don't want me to show them. No need to sue me.

In conclusion, building something with my own hands is for me the most rewarding hobby I could think of. Building a T-51 is perhaps the utmost achievement (I've said that also when building my house...) I would realize in my life. Really enjoy it. So, I sincerely hope that you'll enjoy your time visiting my project Website as much as I enjoy publishing the progress of my experience. 

I don't have any "Guess Book" available for now but I'll figure out a way to implement one sometime. Who knows, perhaps one day we may meet each other in one of those airshows and share a "cold one".


Marc R. Beauvais
About Me

This building project started up somewhere in July 2010. While I was digging on the WEB for information on my future "helicopter" project. I stumbled by accident on Titan's Aircraft website. I had quite a shock.!

All in a sudden, I have access to a homebuild kit plane that was affordable and representing exactly what I was dreaming about for years. I don't know about you but spending $1.5M for a WWII authentic warbird is out of my scope. I don't have any financial problem but I certainly don't have that kind of money. Better keep some for the rough days... On the other hand, an airworthy T-51 Mustang (3/4 scale P-51 replica) should cost about $130k (based on initial planning) and this is in my reach.

But why building my own airplane instead of buying out one already build and ready to go? For those who know me, they already got the answer. For the others, here's why. For the past 30 years, I've been building all kind of things. I just can't help it. I gotta do so something !!! It started with a pair of oars that I carved out of pine wood stock from my father's wood stash. He has bought an inflatable canoe that we could use on those famous "remote trout lakes of his" but the oars that came with it were really crappy; they just broke up after a couple of uses. After few days of sawing, planing, carving and numerous scorched knuckles, those oars came out quite good despite not being identical in shape and length but they lasted nearly 15 years before they were lost on our last fishing trip together.

Since then, I've build 2 houses, the cottage (all cedar wood), the garage/workshop and countless sheds and shacks. Few years ago, I've restored a 1952 Farmall Super "A" tractor that used to belong to my deceased brother. I don't think it'll be ever for sale. In 5 years, I've bought, refurbished and owned nearly 10 snowmobiles that my kids, wife and I have used during this time. Last summer, I've bought a Suzuki DR 650. I "think" this is my 20th motorbike. I should really think about getting rid of all those spare parts I'm accumulating since then. Really not sure any would fit on the future aircraft build.. Humm.. But what if ?...

I have (or used to have) 4 brothers and 2 sister. In the early 80's, I've joined my 3 older brothers in the motorcycle racing arena. They have started that in the mid 70's while on a motorcycle trip in Southern Ontario. If I recall correctly, it happened in Sarnia where a mile drag racing event was organized by a local promoter. They have collected the 1st and 2nd place on that first
attempt. I guess that the local guys are still wondering from where those "French Canadian Pea Soup" guys were coming from.

I was born in a small community (circa 40K inhabitants) called "Val-d'Or" (could be translated to "Golden Valley") located about 320 miles North-West of Montreal. Val-d'Or is considered a "mining" community. I'm a professional Mining Engineer working in the mining business, in Canada and abroad, for the past 20 years. My passion for aviation dates from the moment I was watching the "Apollo" missions in the late '60's. I grew up watching the airshows in my hometown while the RCAF had a base there in Val-d'Or (airport code: CYVO) between the mid fifty's 'till mid seventy's (cold war period). The roars of the Voodoo's were common place at the time. The RCAF Station Val d'Or in 1954 was a fighter-interceptor base intended to protect Montreal, the St-Lawrence River valley and Great Lakes basin against Soviet bomber aircraft. When the RCAF left Val-d'Or in 1976, they gave a decommissioned T-33 Silver Star (serial #21167) to the municipality as a tribute to the "Hospitality of the community to the RCAF staff and families". (pictures attached).

It is interesting to mentioned that the current mayor of Val-d'Or suggested to have the Canadian Airforce Snowbirds to come over to perform an airshow (like we use to see a couple of decades ago) to commemorate the presence of the RCAF during the 75th anniversary of Val-d'Or this summer. Unfortunately for me, I was out of town (read: out of country for working contract abroad...) during that event. But something tells me that this airshow won't be the last...

As you can see, my mind has been drilled out, brain washed by aviation since I opened my eyes in the early sixties. When I first saw the P-51 in one of those old action movies, that was it. I immediately noticed the sleek lines and the breath taking performance the P-51 is capable of; from that moment, that bird became a dream of a lifetime but definitely not affordable for the average JOE. I've never seen one up close, ever. Nevertheless, I'm about to put forward that project of flying my own. I really didn't had a chance before to put ahead my dream of flying on one but now, that T-51 is going to put me back on track.